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DogShop, a site with a dog

DogShop, achat en ligne d'accessoires pour Chien Amiens


Our dogs are full members of our families!

At every moment of our lives, they always remain by our side and represent our best friends.

Come rain, wind or snow, our most faithful companions also need to be protected!

On a walk around the house? On holiday in the sun or in the mountains? For birthdays? The marriages? Family celebrations? Costume parties? Wherever we go, our dogs accompany us! And we owe it to them to offer them their outfits for the occasion!

That’s why DogShop is here.

You will find everything your little companions need to be part of it. Most of our products are created in Europe, some are even made in our small businesses in Amiens!

At DogShop we will do everything to satisfy your desire to please your favorite doggies!

Have fun and enjoy this website!

Who is Alison?

Hello. My name is Alison.

I am English and I live in Amiens. I have already spent more than half of my life in France, the country where life is good!
DogShop is a real adventure for me!
I have loved dogs ever since my childhood.
Having a dog has always been my biggest dream. When I was little, every time I saw a dog, I pulled my mother's dress saying "Mummy, I want a dog, I want a dog, please, please, please, please...)
I almost drove my parents crazy!!
It must be said that in England, dogs accompany their master almost everywhere. They are very often dressed in different outfits that go with the weather or with the festive circumstances. And that's cool, because it shows that they are completely integrated into the family.

DogShop, achat en ligne d'accessoires pour Chien Amiens

DogShop, un site qui a du chien

I have always found it normal that they can be there with their family, in the pub, in the restaurant, on holiday, at parties; we should even take them to work!

In short, it took quite a while to get my dog ​​and the madness had started to win me over! So…I FINALLY ended up adopting Mila after more than 20 years of “Mummy I want a dog” to my parents and myself, when my daughter, Jessica, also asked for a dog!! It was time !

Mila, our “french-english dog”, fills us with happiness now! She understands both languages, like my daughter, she responds to orders in French or English…and her bark is international!

DogShop was born thanks to her.

When I wanted to find special accessories for Mila’s first Christmas in Amiens in 2020, I couldn’t find anything, which surprised me because it’s so common in England…

So, I decided to get started and create this site to also share this part of my culture in France with you and maybe elsewhere one day, why not?

In the meantime, now, I hope that you will be satisfied with our products and that your 4-legged friends will benefit from them!

Wow, woof, as Mila would say!!!

DogShop, achat en ligne d'accessoires pour Chien Amiens

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