i-DOG Comfort Trek Elasticated Lead


The COMFORT TREK lanyard is designed to meet the requirements of dogs practicing a sporting activity (canirando, canijogging, etc.) or in the city with their master.

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First, the COMFORT TREK lanyard is equipped with a double damping system. It allows to control the jolts during the race of the dog with two different types of spring.
The elastic strap consists of a 20 cm long flat part (soft damping) and a round elastic strap (harder damping). Two handles are integrated and adjustments are possible according to the need and the type of use. Additionally, you can wear thelanyardover the shoulder or around the waist.

Main Characteristics

  • Double damping: Double damping system. The 20 cm flat elastic strap provides soft cushioning. The round elastic strap, on the other hand, provides more rigid damping. You will be able to control the jolts given by your dog.
  • Carabiner: Fitted with an ultra-light carabiner (28 g) which cancels out the pendulum phenomenon of the lanyard and ensures that it is held in a straight line during the race.
  • Double handles.
  • Aluminum clip: Intended to be attached via its attachment ring to the COMFORT TREK harness using a carabiner. Moreover, for better tracking of the dog’s trajectory during the race, the harness carabiner is attached in a floating manner to the lanyard attachment. It is obviously possible to attach it to other harnesses of the I-DOG brand.
  • Length adjustment.
  • Maintains with soapy water.
  • Unique size.


Unique size, can be extended from 178 cm – 235 cm




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